Covid-19: our commitment

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Coronavirus a public health emergency.

Aware that health and safety legislation imposes a general duty on employers to take reasonable precautions to protect employees, Tozzi is committed to taking active measures to ensure that their employees are safe in the workplace.

Our main priority is the protection and safety of our team and customers, for this, in collaboration with Health Authorities, we decided to take all precautionary measures indicated by  Italian Ministry of Health, such as:

  • Raise awareness and inform employees, so that those who have flu-like symptoms do not come to work but follow what is prescribed in the ministerial guidelines;
  • Promote good hygiene practices (like handwashing) and ensure the work environment is clean;
  • Ensure that engineering controls (like ventilation) are properly maintained;
  • Facilitate and spread all prescriptions and recommendations from the competent authorities;

Aside from the recommendations above, our office activities are currently guaranteed and will take place as usual.

For construction sites located in restricted areas we are talking to customers in order to find the best way to mitigate the inconvenience.

We will spread further communications, both internally and externally, in relation to the evolution of the disease situation and the further requirements that may be issued by the competent authorities.

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