Tozzi announce the achievement of a significant safety milestone

We are pleased to congratulate our Tozzi Sud Abu Dhabi Branch team for the remarkable achievement of 1 milion safe man-hours in the BAB Integrated Facilities Project.

Without the contribution, the commitment and the dedication when it comes to safety of every member of the team this great result wouldn’t have been achieved.

Your support is still necessary as we all need to continue in this way: being vigilant to safety and never underestimating the risks as we are still encountering challenges and hazards ahead of us which need out continuous focus. Our safety programs need a continuous implementation and improvement, it is mandatory to keep reporting all HSE observations and near misses without hesitation.

BAB integrated Facilities Project consist in the realization on turnkey basis of 45 Power Skids that our Abu Dhabi Branch is realizing for ABB.

The Integrated Facilities for BAB project will be installed on-shore in Abu Dhabi.

The Top Management congratulates again and thank you for playing an effective role in company growth and success in safety excellence.

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