We strive for environmental protection and make our best efforts to minimize environmental impact in the design and construction of power plants. The buildings hosting the plants closely retrace the designated territory’s architectural tradition.

Materials and equipment are sourced in that same territory with extreme care and attention, and civil works and maintenance are carried out by local specialized manpower.

EPC Renewables

TOZZI has been in the industrial business for more than 60 years. Starting from the end of the 80s, the company started to explore the challenges of renewable resources, developing sound and highly specialized know-how with regards to the hydroelectric, photovoltaic, wind, biomass and waste-to-energy fields. Today, TOZZI provides Clients with Turnkey Renewable Power Generation plants on an EPC basis. We count a number of power plants in operation in Italy and the rest of the world, developed starting from the engineering up to erection and maintenance.

TOZZI’s principles have always been sustainability and a conscious use of energy resources. Our sound skills and experience give us the confidence to approach the entities in charge of project financing, proposing TOZZI as the only point of reference responsible from the engineering to the start-up.  

Attention to delivery schedule, entrepreneurship and technological challenge. These values define us in all areas of our expertise, with a special attention to renewable resources. We firmly believe in our mission to address both developed and developing countries and providing alternative solutions for power generation, minimizing emissions and environmental impact. This approach, coupled with technological excellence, makes us one of the most reliable operators in the present market. 

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