TOZZI is a process solution provider world leader in the gas conditioning field which expanded into oil processing and produced water treatment.

The following activities are made available to our Clients:

  • Conceptual design (pre-feed)
  • Front-end engineering design
  • Hazop management
  • Technology assessment
  • CFD simulations of internals or complex flow systems.

These are the areas where we can assist you from the concept to the operation, performing all the intermediate steps related to gas/oil/water separation and adsorption while removing contaminants from the three fluids.

TOZZI plant experience

Our engineering experience varies from Upstream to Petrochemical facilities. Typical process units which can be designed by TOZZI are the following:

  • Production Separation: Slug catchers, 2/3-phase separators/coalescers, desanding, filtration, traps, manifolds.
  • Oil desalting and dehydration: Emulsion heater treaters, desalters/dryers, electrostatic separators.
  • Crude/HC Condensate Stabilizers.
  • Production water treatment: degassers/dearators, oil coalescers/skimmers, production/waste water treatment, reinjection treatment.
  • Gas treatment and conditioning: Amine sweetening (bulk or selective), Molecular sieve sweetening, Membrane separation, Glycol dehydration, Molecular sieve dehydration, HC Dewpoint Control/LTS, Heavy hydrocarbon adsorption and recovery/liquefaction.
  • MEG/DEG regeneration/recovery.
  • Air fractionation: PSA, membrane and cryogenic systems.
  • Treatment/purification of feed and technical gasses.
  • Sulphur recovery.
  • Vacuum process and Hydrofinishing.

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