Mission & Values

Mission and Values

All TOZZI Companies share the Mission to provide high quality Services and Products, paying due attention to all technical and economic constraints, obtaining adequate revenues and totally complying with the values that inspire TOZZI activities:

The Company Value

To obtain solid revenues satisfying the expectations of shareholders and employees and feeding the company value growth and trust from all stakeholders.

Everybody working in TOZZI shares the responsibility to contribute to competitive excellence, thus transferring to the ones that will follow, being them shareholders or collaborators, a bigger value company.

The Customer Satisfaction

To provide services and products at the highest quality level, satisfying requirements and overriding expectations of our Customers, and to reinforce complete ownership on our business processes.

This is the main duty we have towards all those buying a product or a service delivered by a TOZZI Company.

The Human Resource Development

To manage Human Resources as the fundamental tool for obtaining Business excellence and Customer Satisfaction.

All Officers of TOZZI in charge of coordinating resources have the responsibility to safeguard, to make them grow and to enhance people working with them; every Officer is accountable to Shareholders for performances of collaborators working with them and for their professional growth.

The Business Sustainability

To guarantee that manufacturing activities of TOZZI Companies are performed by means of work methods aimed at safeguarding health and safety of workers and effective and responsible handling of environmental impacts is considered a pillar for all activities.

This ensures not only the fulfilment of expectations of all stakeholders, but also the continuity of operations of all TOZZI Companies.

The Legal Compliance

To make business totally complying with all regulations applicable to company offences, working acts, environment safeguarding, human rights respect, counter-bribery, counterfeiting, counter-money laundering and counter-frauds,… is a main commitment for Shareholders that must be implemented by all those operating in TOZZI, notwithstanding their roles, according to the principles established within the Company Code of Practice.

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