TOZZI aim to build with their Vendors (materials or equipment suppliers, subcontractors, service providers or consultants), partnership relations based on mutual usefulness, stability and reliability. Vendors deemed critical for the quality of the product or service are subject to a qualification process handed jointly by Procurement and QHSE.

The qualification process is also necessary for evaluating, regarding subcontractors, the possession of compliance requirements as foreseen by Decree 231/2001 related to administrative liability of firms.

Vendors may request to be included in TOZZI Vendor List by accessing a process that includes:

  • Filling in a qualification form supplying a series of attachments (including those compulsory, required by law, necessary to establish the subcontractors’ professional qualification, as required by the occupational health and safety regulations). The various forms to fill in can be downloaded from the following links:

841-TZZ-G1-01-A Questionnaire for consultant assessment

841-TZZ-G1-01-B Questionnaire for suppliers assessment

841-TZZ-G1-01-C Questionnaire for subcontractors assessment

841-TZZ-G1-01-D Questionnaire for services assessment

The form filled in and signed by qualified representative of the Vendor, along with the required attachments, shall be sent by e-mail to;

  • Audit by Procurement and QHSE joint team taking place at Vendor‘s premises and aimed to assess the organizational arrangements, the resources and infrastructures of the Vendor operating structure (QHSE shall determine whether the audit is to be done or not)
  • Inclusion in TOZZI Vendor list, with assignment of a specific score that is periodically updated on the basis of Vendor’s performance on supplies, contracts or assigned tasks. The inclusion in the Vendor list does not imply TOZZI commitment to guarantee orders or contracts to the Vendor; the expenses and the commitments incurred to access the qualification are entirely up to the Vendor.

Specification for Subcontractors

A Specification shall be annexed to subcontracts between TOZZI Companies and their subcontractors that establish basic requirements on quality assurance, environmental protection and occupational health and safety that must be met as part of the contractual obligations assumed. Compliance with the Specification is ascertained by TOZZI QHSE Auditor.

The specification is made available below:

840-TZZ-G1-01 QHSE Requirements for Subcontractors



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