Quality & HSE

TOZZI Companies apply management systems for Quality Assurance, Health, Safety and Environment designed, implemented and certified according to the most widespread international standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 e OHSAS 18001. Management Systems are necessary for warranting that all Companies’ activities are executed in full compliance with applicable contractual and regulatory requirements.

TOZZI Companies defined management policies for quality, environment protection and occupational health and safety that are delivered to all operators and made available on the website; they also defined management manuals, procedures and instructions, as well as specific tools, by which operational or supervisory activities are planned, implemented and monitored and mandatory requirements are complied.

In TOZZI Companies organization charts and job descriptions are defined and responsibilities, resources and specific objectives, coherent with fulfilment of Companies’ objectives, are assigned to all those who occupy managerial and coordination positions.

Each job made by TOZZI Companies develops according to a flow described as below:

QHSE Flow-chart

TOZZI companies Management Systems Certifications for quality, environment protection and occupational health and safety are provided hereinafter:

Tozzi Contracting ISO 9001-2008 Certificate

Tozzi Contracting ISO 14001-2004 Certificate

Tozzi Contracting OHSAS 18001-2007 Certificate





Policies for quality, environment and occupational health and safety of TOZZI Companies are diffused to all employees, suppliers, subcontractors and made available to the customers and to the public in order to create and strengthen awareness on commitments endorsed by the Management and on resources made available for achieving strategic goals.

Comart HSE Policy

Comart Quality Policy

Tozzi Contracting HSE Policy

Tozzi Contracting Quality Policy

Tozzi Sud HSE Policy

Tozzi Sud Quality Policy


A qualified Auditors Team, made by professionals experienced in management systems auditing techniques and distinct of the production operational activities, belonging to Tozzi Shared Services (service company linked to TOZZI), performs audits on processes and projects according to a corporate schedule involving all units and critical functions for realization of products and services.

Audits are documented and delivered to Senior Management and they are aimed at verifying the effectiveness and efficiency of processes and the fulfilment of the requirements, whether by legislation, regulations or contractual.

The Process owners are committed to promptly implement all necessary actions in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes basing on audit reports.

Organizational Tools

TOZZI implemented a number of organizational and computer tools, some designed and developed internally, other purchased on the market and customized to the needs of the Companies, for planning, monitoring and continuous improvement of processes.

Sage X3® by SAGE

It’s the corporate ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning), the basic tool for scheduling and managing all processes of economic planning and reporting, purchasing, business development and procurement.

Infinity HR® by Zucchetti

It’s the software with which TOZZI manages human resources and planning and reporting activities related to occupational health and safety.

M-files® by M-files

It’s the software with which all administrative and technical documentation developed by TOZZI for the jobs are handled; this tool is used to manage documental work-flow and the traceability of everything related to a single project.

QNET2000 (link alla piattaforma interna accessibile solo con credenziali)

It’s the web-based platform within which the operators have the possibility to access TOZZI management systems documents (manuals, procedures, instructions and forms).

Risk and Opportunity Log

Recently implemented tool that allows to document and track corrective actions, improvement actions and lessons learned in order to promote sharing of knowledge and experience among all TOZZI operators.

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