TOZZI Companies have available, inside Campus Tozzi in Mezzano-Ravenna, a mechanical workshop and a warehouse designed and erected according to modern concept regarding efficiency, effectiveness and productivity for delivering pre-fabrication and logistics activities specifically aimed at oil and gas business.

The warehouse is joint with the shop by means of a sliding portal, it is 1740sqm wide, it is arranged on two bays too, it is 13.70m tall and it is provided with two portals equipped with roll-up dumpers for entering and exit of trucks.

Inside, the warehouse is equipped with two 10ton over-head cranes, shelves and areas dedicated to storage of materials, work equipment (according to dimensions) and protective equipment and a little shop area for repairing and maintenance of work equipment; furthermore two offices and one change room for hosting 10 operators are available

Inside the warehouse, in a segregated and dedicated area, the internal instrumentation laboratory is located for tuning and calibration of instruments owned by Tozzi Sud for mechanical and electrical measures; the laboratory executes the tuning and calibration activities for instrumentation used by the production yards by means of primary samples externally certified by registered laboratories.

On the roof of the premises hosting the mechanical workshop and the warehouse a 285,395kWp photovoltaic plant is installed with a potential year production of about 295.000kWh for internal consumption dedicated to services and activities of Campus Tozzi. Inside the premises a first-aid room is available equipped with provisions for first aid, including an external semi-automatic defibrillator.


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