E&I Works

All started out in the electrical and instrumentation installation activities, Now we are known for safe, environmentally sensitive and high-quality results through our self-performing contracting, sub-contractor performance and management services.

Today, Tozzi operates as a general contractor Electrical and Instrumentation industrial installations taking full responsibility of the entire process from the engineering phase up to the material management and supply, through construction until mechanical completion, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up for:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Refinery – Chemicals
  • Power
  • Industry, Logistic and Tertiary sectors
  • Airports

From simple electrical installations to complex instrumentation systems, we can deliver the complete solution from design concept through to installation, commissioning and validation. Our experts have the engineering expertise to optimise asset lifecycle through a tailored programme of comprehensive maintenance.

We provide our customers with a comprehensive, dependable shutdown and term service. Staying agile while prioritising safety.

Our electrical and instrumentation services include:

  • High Voltage and Low Voltage distribution systems
  • Lighting and small power
  • Containment systems and cable installation
  • Fire, Gas and Emergency Shutdown (ESD) systems
  • Communication systems
  • Trace heating and cathodic protection
  • Hazardous area installation, inspection and reporting
  • Pneumatic, electrical and electronic testing devices for inspection and testing of instrument and system operation, and diagnose faults
  • Installation and maintenance of instruments on new or existing plant equipment and processes
  • Calibration and maintenance of components and instruments according to manufacturer’s specifications (PPE)
  • Repair, maintain and adjust system components or remove and replace defective parts
  • Instrument hook-ups
  • Pressure controls, flow meters and temperature valves
  • Test and pre-commissioning
  • Risk assessment analysis and SIMOPS