"We go beyond competitiveness, we give you cooperation.
This is our way to be a partner and not just a supplier."
Mario Tozzi

Our tradition, Your confidence

Thanks to the Tozzi family’s past, the company is lucky enough to be an integral part of a strong industrial reality of primary importance.Tozzi group’s roots come from the past, from the twentieth century, where electricity was a rare commodity.

Domenico and Arturo Tozzi (respectively grandfather and father of Mario Tozzi, born in 1946, still CEO of the Group, of which his son Fabrizio is President today) managed the Casola Valesnio hydroelectric power station, their country of origin: Domenico built it in the early years of the century, Arturo undertook to put it back into operation after the war.

They not only gave light to the country, but laid the foundations for a real industrial progress, which still persists in its evolution, becoming the Tozzi Group, a well-established holding company strongly committed to generating energy.

The progress

What is tradition? tradition is the progress that was made yesterday; and it is like what we intend to do with each project, to build the tradition of tomorrow.

Our skills in the operational management of projects and the determination to achieve the objectives will always be at your service.

The experience achieved in many years of cutting-edge operations and the results obtained will always be a guarantee that we will be able to understand the scenario and we will find the most appropriate answers to the needs and requests of the customer.

Mission & Values

All Group companies share the mission of providing high quality Services and Products, paying the utmost attention to all technical and economic constraints, obtaining adequate returns and in total compliance with the values that inspire the Tozzi activities:

Company value
Customer satisfaction
Business sustainability
Legal compliance

Our EPC capabilities are combined with cutting-edge engineering knowledge, resulting in a unique combination of knowledge and experience.

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